What is Hydromulching?

Hydromulching is the process of mixing and applying a slurry of water, organic mulch, seed, fertilizer, soil conditioners and binders from a purpose-built, truck-mounted tank. The slurry is sprayed onto the site from the truck via a directional monitor and can be pumped through extension hoses for over 100m as required. The slurry bonds to the soil surface, providing an ideal, erosion resistant medium that assists with germination and moisture retention. The process ensures an even distribution of seed and fertilizer.

Why Hydromulching?

  • Higher percentage of seed germination
  • Higher revegetation success rates
  • Greatly reduces soil erosion through mulch and binding properties
  • Uniform distribution of seed, fertilizer and mulch
  • Versatility – It is easier to revegetate difficult areas such as irregular plots, slopes or dam walls, ditches and narrow strips
  • Seed mixes can be tailored to the site requirements
  • Mulch turns to humus and becomes an integral nutrient for the soil.
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